Stove Link

Link Up your Boiler Stove to your Central Heating System

All homes today, have an oil/gas  boiler supplying hot water and radiators to provide Central Heating. The concept of Stove Link allows customers to use the heat from a solid fuel Stove to supply hot water and/or radiators in conjunction with an alternative heating appliance to give maximum flexibility.


Whilst you are enjoying the comfort of your solid fuel fire, it can automatically take over all or part of the heating load to conserve your consumption of alternative fuels. When you are not using the fire, the central heating operates as normal:

  • The existing Central Heating boiler continues to service the system as and when required.
  • The hot water and radiators can be supplied by either or both appliances depending on the heat input needed.
  • Stove Link can link either the hot water only or the hot water and radiators.
  • Can be integrated with Solar Panels to maximise efficiency by providing ‘free’ hot water from the power of the sun.
  •  It is possible to design a custom Link Up to suit almost any combination of boilers which operate with open vented systems

The real advantage of Stove Link is its flexibility. Stove Link can supply & install a wide range of stoves at affordable prices or just provide an installation service or rectify an existing installation. Contact us for a Quotation or advice on installing a Stove.